At our department our specialists use modern medical practices to treat gynecologic and obstetric patients.

Women’s Health: We follow-up all conditions related to overall women’s health, such as menopause, osteoporosis, pregnancy follow-up, and the monitoring of risky pregnancies.

Adolescent Health: Adolescent gynecology is an important aspect of gynecology. The symptoms of patients in this group are quite different from adult patients. Naturally, so is the treatment approach.  Here at our clinic we follow-up healthy adolescent development, menstruation related problems, preventive measures regarding cervical cancer (i.e.: vaccinations), dysfunctional uterine bleeding, hirsutism etc.

Risky Pregnancy Follow-Up: We determine any risky situation the mother or baby can be in, and aim to make the pregnancy and birth as safe as possible. We also aim to help regarding pre-pregnacy planning and preparation.

Labor: When labor starts, we do an exam and determine which method of delivery would be most suitable.  Our hospital provides services for assistance in natural childbirth, Caesarian section, and epidural administration during labor.

Infertility: We aim to find out what the cause of infertility is, because the approach will vary according to the underlying cause. In 15% of couples, there seems to be no apparent reason for infertility. Treatment is planned according to the couple’s ages, how long they have stopped using contraceptive measures, number of children already present, and ovarian reserve. Ovarian reserve is a very important factor that determines the potential for conception. For further information regarding this subject, please apply to your physician.

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